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International talent program 2022
We connect companies with international, diverse, remote talent

International talent program 2022
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Ruta N, in partnership with The Intern Group, will connect students from all around the world with local companies that want to advance or develop an internationalization strategy for their products and services. 

  • Each company will be assigned candidates based upon the opportunities on offer and the relevance of the intern applicants for each role.
  • The program will provide access to interns from the following backgrounds:

Business & Consulting
FinanceData Science interns to support with data management, metrics, and reports
UX/Customer Experience
Digital marketing 


The companies selected for the program will be teamed with two to three students who will help them to: 

  • Identify potential partners, how best to meet and develop contacts with them.
  • Identify and profile the competitors, and also potential collaborators.
  • Understand how your industry sector works in that country, who makes the purchase decisions and who the main industrial gatekeepers are.
  • Comprehend how institutional and legal issues, political and government forces affect.
  • Profile the country’s risks and the ways that business is conducted there.
  • Outline specific cultural issues that need to be taken into account when meeting people in the country for the first time, and then building business relationships.
The project will take place during a 6 - 8 week period and is free of charge.


  • Positive and proactive attitude of the team to collaborate with The Intern Group and Ruta N.
  • Designated supervisor to ensure fluid communication and understanding.
  • Your team must be able to communicate in English.
  • Your product should be ready to sell abroad.
  • Company based in Medellin.
  • Have ONE target market in non-Spanish speaking countries.
  • Commitment to follow up and support your teams of students on the project of internationalization in the identified market.
  • Provide a short brief before the start of the project to Ruta N, including the target country, some basic info about the company including the industry or/and a website address.
  • Availability to interview the interns and respond to communication in a timely manner.
  • Availability to reply to a reasonable number of emails or messaging/chat during the project.
  • Offer update of internationalization process while upon request of Ruta N.
  • Guarantee a remote immersion of the interns in your organization. They want to feel part of your team.
  • Weekly meetings 1-1 between the company’s supervisor and interns.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation to each intern assigned to the organization.
  • Your organization should have clear internationalization goals and a focus on international expansion
  • You must have a website, NIT, and more than 3 full-time employees.

Apply here.


  • March 21st - April 1st: Application dates
  • April 1st - 8th: Profiles and roles definition
  • April 8th - May 31st: Hiring process
  • April 22nd: Workshop - What does internationalization look like?
  • May 5th: Workshop - How to build training and professional development plans for internationalization interns teams
  • June 13th, June 27th, July 11st, July 25th, August 8th, or August 2nd: Provisional Internship start dates
  • July 5th: Workshop - How to measure internationalization plans performance and KPIs
  • July and August: Program Feedback and closure.

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