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Smart Capital Network
We gather the various agents of private investment in innovation and entrepreneurship in Medellín.

Smart Capital Network


The Smart Capital Network is a community that brings together the various agents of private investment in innovation and entrepreneurship in Medellin, ie, angel investors, accelerators, fund managers, and corporations.

The object of this network is to become a place for relationships and ideas for the development of the investment industry in Colombia, using the collective intelligence of the members to work for the common interests of the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the area of access to venture capital.

Ruta N Corporation acts as a facilitator in these meetings, supporting the professional development of its members and enabling the creation of new mechanisms that will help to close the gaps in the offer of Smart Capital.


To be a member of the Smart Capital Network one must meet one of the following requirements:

Be a fund manager of private equity investment, focusing on a) seed capital; b) venture capital funds or c) growth capital

  • Be part of a company that manages investment instruments such as Corporate Venture
  • Aim at the acceleration of businesses by assuming participation in equity or economic rights over investments made
  • Manage angel investment networks, whose members have the ability to invest sums that do not exceed 10% of their net assets
  • Be part of a company or private corporation with available investment resources destined for investment in innovative companies with potential growth in their various stages, where said resources exceed $500 million COP annually (approximately $172,500 USD) and where it can be reasonably expected will maintain this level


As a member of the Smart Capital Network you will be able to:
  • Participate in national and international scholarship programs of professional growth for investors
  • Have access to training on issues of smart capital
  • Have access to Ruta N publications and those of other entities
  • Receive the newsletters of the “Smart Capital Network”
  • Participate in the meetings of the Network without any additional cost
  • Participate in events led by the Network
  • Receive invitations to the demo-days and the programs of Ruta N
  • Have access to business roundtables
  • Be linked to industry players on a global level through events and key initiatives
  • Obtain a preferential discount of 30% on the Sunn platform for investors. This discount will be applied to the net value payable after taking into account any other discount to which the NETWORK MEMBER is entitled.

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