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Ruta N is a corporation created by the city of Medellín, UNE and EPM, to promote the  development of innovative technology-based businesses. And there are many who have joined this dream. Public and private organizations, educational institutions and various actors of the science and technology, have supported the corporation since it was conceived as a city project.

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The development of science, technology and innovation requires an ecosystem of ideal capabilities and conditions, which implies the presence of strong players, with the right knowledge and the tools required for the job. This ecosystem will be the best ally for existing institutions, networking and developing skills that the region needs in order to make innovation a competitive factor.

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To achieve the objectives set regarding the development of capacities in science, technology and innovation, in order to transform Medellin into a globally competitive city, the starting point of Ruta N is excellence in human resources, processes, knowledge, products and services.

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