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Today December 31st, 2021, Medellín's authorities are celebrating the city's accomplishments in the fulfillment of the STi Plan goals set in 2011 and the fact that it is highly competitive thanks to the emergence of a new high-tech and knowledge production sector.

This has made Medellín, at present, in 2021, a pioneer in Colombia and Latin America, reaching 70% of its production capacity unjust 10 years, based on knowledge, with very low unemployment levels and education rates higher than those of industrialized countries. That's why its called the Finland of Latin America. In December 2021 citizens' per capita income is on average $ 3,000 dollars a month, the highest in the country and the region.

Medellín's STi investments are 5% of the city's GDP, the production sector accounts for 75% of the GDP in companies with great added bonuses and production chains that were defined as priorities in 2010, also favored this resurgence. Today Medellin is number one city in knowledge in Colombia and Latin America.

These advances in the city are also reflected upon the environment, because thanks to citizens' awareness and business alternatives that were identified, Medellín substantially reduced its carbon footprint and CO2 gas emissions, by achieving high energy eco-efficiency. Major changes can be seen in society. The entire child and youth population is enrolled in primary and secondary schools, and 80% of this population enrolls in college to pursue one of the new careers available, such as Bioscience Engineering, New Materials and Systemic Biology Engineering, with 50 % of them in doctoral programs in Colombia and centers of excellence in the world. The remaining 20% of these students are enrolled in technical training, technological training or belong to programs in music, theater or literature.

But the main reason for celebration in 2021 is that social problems are a thing of the past, because young people and the community at large are part of the city's renewed business activity and many of them have become great entrepreneurs. Education and cultural change have been the key factor in this performance.

Science, Technology and Innovation Plan in Medellin 2011-2021

The Science, Technology and Innovation Plan in Medellin is designed as a holistic coordination and integration system that meets the demand for a robust strategy of economic development, environmentally sustainable and socially cohesive, which includes different public and private entities related to science, technology and innovation, strengthening the city and region's Innovation System.

The overall objective of the STi Plan is to encourage, promote and coordinate policies to support research and development in science, technology and innovation in Medellin, with a view to identifying and exploiting new knowledge businesses.

A thorough study of the needs, resources and regional conditions, was made to implement it, as well as a benchmarking with cities that have implemented these plans. Thus it was possible to obtain categories of  projects that, on the one hand, aim to cover the great opportunities of value that the region has, creating new knowledge business with the active participation of local anchor companies, where there is a direct confluence of academia, technological development centers and other players in the SRI; and on the other hand, allow the closing of technological gaps that affect the productivity and competitiveness of companies linked to these industrial chains.

In this implementation framework a categorization of different types of projects was established, structured from the analysis of gaps in competitiveness, technology and innovation, identified in the development of technological balances performed for each of the chains under investigation (ICT, Energy and Health).

The process was developed considering the active participation of over 150 players involved in the productive chains mentioned as businesses, academia, research centers, financial agents, among others.

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